FAQ (part 1)

1.           What's so special about this event?

First of all, this is a very big event in the Volga region this year. It's high time for everyone to come out of hibernation and visit cool places. And, secondly, it is also an opportunity not only to have a great time, but also to listen to the speeches of experts in the field of game development at the conference, ask them questions, make your own game within the framework of the workshop, get useful contacts, take part in tournaments on PlayStation and get prizes for it, test VR and practice on esports simulators, take part in game teks and role-playing boards - and this is just the beginning ;)


2.           Who can participate in the event?
First of all, we invite all the devoted fans of games and esports, we will be happy for fans of geek culture and we are very much waiting for fans of cosplay - you will like it! In general, we welcome all guests over 14 who want to be part of a large-scale gaming event. Spoiler alert: the event is free for everyone;)


3.           What are the goals of the event?
Our main goal is to bring together the coolest producers and consumers of interactive content at one time, in one place, to help them become a full-fledged community, which together will be able to create new large-scale projects, which would give a powerful impetus to the development of this area in the republic and in Russia.


4.           What will happen there?
Participants will find a GameDev conference, a fan territory with a variety of activities, and most importantly- CS:GO and Dota 2 championship with a prize pool of 500,000 rubles. And of course, the food court and photo zones. By the way, you can register for the qualifying round by following the link: https://click-storm.ru/event/268/#tournament_listy.

5.           How will the prize pool be distributed among the teams?

It's very simple: 250,000 rubles for each discipline: CS:GO And Dota 2:

1st place - 150 000 ₽

2nd place - 70 000 ₽

3rd place - 30 000 ₽

6.           And that's not all, because in the fan zone you will find tournaments on Mortal Kombat 11 and FIFA 21 with cool prizes for the winners! Do you think that's all? Just Dance, game libraries, contests — come and get your gifts.

7.           Will the event continue?
Of course! Every year, the championship will be even cooler, there will be even more entertainment in the fan territory, and the speakers and topics at the conference will be new every year. In the future, we will add an exhibition, hackathons, showcases, invite bloggers and popular artists to make the atmosphere even more exciting! During the year, other championships are planned (you will learn about them later), as well as game rendezvous meetups (by the way, you can already register for the first meetup: https://leader-id.ru/events/188418 ).

8.           Who will be at the conference? (speakers)
Speakers at the conference will be from top GameDev companies: My. Games, Saber Interactive, Narratorika, Xsolla and others. The speakers of the conference teach in Skillbox, conduct their own courses, and have huge game projects in their portfolio, in short, they definitely have something to learn. And, by the way, there will also be a showcase at the conference, so if you have something to share: send a request :)

9.           Participation in the event is free?
Shock content! The event is completely free of charge. The only places where you can leave your money are the geek market and the food courts. But, of course, everything is voluntary ;)

10.        Do I have to register?
Yes, registration is your pass to the event and the opportunity to receive memorable gifts in the participant's package from the organizers :)


If you have any more questions, write them to us in social networks and we will prepare the second part!

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